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There are many people who prefer to stay at a local B&B type of establishment than renting a motel room. Now when there are several guest houses and B&Bs available within a small vicinity, it can be tough to decide which one is the ideal one. Even in such circumstances Cecil Cottage tends to nudge ahead in the long list and make an impression. Here are the reasons that make Cecil Cottage such a preferred place.


One thing that Cecil Cottage does better is the way it treats and services the guests. Nobody likes to lodge in an expensive yet inhospitable place. The host at the cottage is welcoming and utterly hospitable. The staff is helpful and always eager to serve no matter what. This makes the guests feel comfortable and gives them a home away from home.

Great Location

Cecil cottage also has a great location. The cottage is like a 10-minute walk away from the Gunwharf Quays and the historic dockyards. The Spinnaker Tower is close by. This makes it easy for guests to just walk down to the dockyard and not worry about their cars. The cottage is also on a row of 19th century houses which lends a very artistic aura to the whole place.

Good Rooms

Good Rooms

The place has small but good rooms that are ideal for a weekend stay. Despite being in a split-level cottage, the rooms are well furnished and have all the amenities required to make the stay a comfortable one. The rooms are also well ventilated and make use of the natural light.

Good Food

Good Food

Cecil Cottage serves good breakfast to its guests. The host does not hesitate to rustle up delicious breakfast options in the kitchen on request of the guests. The cottage host also ensures that the special dietary requirements of the guests are met. Any food allergies or medical restrictions are duly noted and take care of. Special breakfast is prepared in such cases for the guests. The portion size of the breakfast is also decent enough.

Guest Friendly Policies

Cecil Cottage has policies that are extremely guest friendly. While they do not have any strict pet restrictions, they also are very flexible in terms of cancellation of bookings and refund timelines. Any modifications to the original booking are also easily and happily accommodated by the host of the B&B