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Greece Is the Best Place for Living

Nowadays, many people are actively investing in property abroad, and Greece is one of the states to consider when it comes to financially advantageous investments. If we compare prices for Greek property to other European countries, it is obvious that Greece is more profitable in this regard. Besides, living standards in this state are higher than in many other European countries. On top of that, there is a very low level of crime, so both natives and foreigners can be calm about their life, health and properly.

Buying Property in Greece

Greece has 13 regions, which are called peripherals. The biggest area of ​​the state – Greek Macedonia – is a northern region. It attracts numerous visitors by its beauty, history, and great architectural places of interest, being equally popular as well as the rest of the regions. Those people who opt for purchasing property in Greece, may be grateful for being informed about the following aspects:  

  • In Greece, there are three main climate types: the Mediterranean, the moderate and the Alpine. The latter climate type predominates in the mountainous regions of northwest. The moderate type affects eastern and central Macedonia. In these areas, summer is hot and dry, and winter is cold and damp. The Greek islands are characterized by Mediterranean climate. Based on your preferences, you can buy property in Greece  in any part of the country. People who was any cardiovascular health issues may prefer moderate climate.
  • Whichever region you choose to purchase property in, you will find clean air and an absolutely environmentally-friendly surroundings in any place. There are almost no manufacturing enterprises in the country. Greece is a highly developed agricultural country that takes the 3rd place in the world for the production of olives and cotton. Therefore, when purchasing property for sale in Greece, you invest in your pollution-free future.
  • Greece is a great place for family holidays. Many people buy Greek property for sale in order to create better conditions for the life of their family and children. Do not forget that according to statistics, population here demonstrates the lowest percentage of divorces in the European Union, which means the local culture supports traditional values and moral codes.   

When you buy a house in Greece, you automatically prolong your life. At present, the average lifetime in this sunny country is 82 years for women and 77 years for men. Greek people respect the peace of the neighbors during siesta hours from 2 pm to 5 pm. Furthermore, in Greece, it is easy to reach out to the local population. As a general rule, Greeks are friendly, open, and sociable. You will make friends fast. One more important nuance for you to consider is that when buying real estate in Greece, do not forget to bargain. Haggling is accepted there; thus, you can save some money when bargaining.