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Food – it is such a necessity of every single human being and still it is so easy to get it wrong. Especially when you are a guest house or a rental cottage. With different types of guests coming over for a stay, it can be difficult to cater to everybody’s palette.

However, there are places like Cecil Cottage that just get it right every single time. The food in the Cecil Cottage has been long appreciated for a wide variety of reasons.

Balanced Out Menu

Cecil cottage’s menu has something or the other for everybody. Whether you are a lover of sophisticated dishes that are just lip smacking or whether you are a homebody who loves a simple meal – Cecil cottage has it for you. They have it all in their very well-balanced menu.

Different Cuisines

The guest house has also made sure that they offer food from different types of cuisines to their guest. Their menu is a rather global culmination of gastronomy. They have Indian preparations, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc. You can dine comfortably tasting the food from different parts of the globe. It can be quite a gastronomical tour for anybody there.

Specially Crafted Food

Specially Crafted Food

Cecil Cottage understands that different people have different types of dietary habits. While a few prefer certain kind of lingering taste in their food, a few guests may have certain dietary restrictions that needs to be taken care of. They may be lactose intolerant or be allergic to nuts or gluten. The kitchen staff at Cecil cottage takes care of such things and ensures that the guests get right kind of food every time.

Specially Crafted Food

Fresh Produce

One thing that most people agree is that food when cooked with fresh product tastes so much better. And that’s what Cecil cottage aims to do. They ensure that their food ingredients are fresh. They also try to procure local ingredients because a local ingredient can work magic in the taste.

Value for Money

There are times when people walking out of an eating place grumble that they didn’t get their money’s worth. The Cecil Cottage aims to make sure that their guests leave filling full and satisfied. To do this, they have focused not only on the quality of the food but also on the quantity. They have ensured that they serve the right portion size with the right quality to their guests.