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Portsmouth is a wonderful and old port city in England. Even though not many people know this place, it is worth being visited as the city has its own beautiful places that can stand in a line with Paris or London. Sunds pretentious but it is true.

Where to stay

If you happen to be close to Portsmouth, take some time to visit the city. You can easily get to Portsmouth by car, train and even plane – the airport is located close to the city. Once you get to the city, you need to find a good accommodation. There is a number of accommodation options that will meet needs and requirements of all people. One of the best options is to rent an apartment or stay in a cottage. It will give you not only more freedom in general but also a feeling of being home. Portsmouth has plenty of cottages that can be rented at reasonable price. One of the most popular cottages among young people is Cecil Cottage as it has good location, excellent price, and great services.

What to see

What is so special about Portsmouth?  Probably, the name of the city tells everything – it is located in the naval base, and can be proud of numerous ships that have historical value. Apart from the sea and the coast, you will enjoy other amazing views and places.

Southsea Castle

  • Emirates Spinnaker Tower. This  is a famous Tower in Portsmouth as it opens breathtaking view of the city. The Tower is believed to be one of the biggest in the country. If you get to the top of it, you get the chance not only to see the city from the top but also to drink a cup of coffee.

Emirates Spinnaker Tower

  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. This is a place where you can see old ships and interesting exhibitions. Great opportunity to imagine oneself in the role of a sailor. It is strongly recommended to go on a trip to Mary Rose. This is a show with projection of real-size ships of old times.
  • Southsea Castle. The Castle is one of the oldest structures in the city. It was built in the 16th century and over the ages served as a home of kings and queens. The place is open from March to October and, what is more, it is free for visitors.

These are just very few examples of what you could see in Portsmouth. If you happen to stay in Cecil Cottage, you will easily get to most of the locations. The city has a lot of other traditional and non-traditional attractions, including cafes, pubs, restaurants. You will not waste your time, if you decide to visit Portsmouth